Maximilian Otte

Less is more – who believes this nonsensical wisdom? More is more. And full is relative when the bouncer is someone with a horror vacui problem. Even if there is not even a standing room left, Maximilian Otte can still squeeze a tiger, a parrot or a cute baby dog ​​somewhere. Or a butterfly. Or severalButterflies. He likes to sprinkle them decoratively or let sentimental soap bubbles float carefree through happiness, as if there was no bursting. He just exaggerates excessively. Because if you exaggerate, then do it right. Everything is more artificial than artificial, the hairstyles are more perfect than perfect, the heels higher than high, the people happier than happy, the lips shine like candied cherries and the weather is more beautiful than beautiful, because the sun is always shining.

Any resemblance to living or deceased people is on purpose. No-name faces may namely not even with the picture or in the pool. Or ugly. Brand visages only. And outrageously well-built bodies. And these privileged people don’t even age . Really mean. Stay young and crisp forever, show no material fatigue, even though they apparently celebrate their entire life and have fun. Have a party.

Superstars, supermodels, great atmosphere. The corks fly in one tour, champagne bottles splash off, the glasses are always full.

The rings have these super smart ones, oh what: hyper smart ones, although not under the eyes (these rings have too little carats anyway), but they have them elsewhere. On the fingers. Where they belong. In general, they are hung over and over with diamonds and pearls, as if they had robbed a jeweler – with a credit card held up (the black American Express Centurion Card made of titanium).

Pool parties are his specialty, after all. The pool is something like a liquid sky, an exclusive earthly paradise without problems and without men, but with Chihuahuas and zebras sunbathing at the waterhole, a fountain of youth where you can splash about in chlorinated happiness and the drinks are free. And when it rains, then banknotes.

The reality it’s done here.

Fantasy. So fantastic realism in Pop Art style, so to speak. Daydreams where the plot is fictitious.

Am I actually a bad feminist and should I be ashamed because I think Maximilian Otte’s pictures are cool? Aren’t they sexist in some way? No, how come? Since when has it been sexist when all women are rich, beautiful and famous? Well, the men might feel discriminated against. If they occur at all , they are at most accessories like Barbie’s Ken.