David Partida Montoya

 The international artist with Basque roots David Partida Montoya lives and works in Barcelona and Berlin. He is a life-affirming all-rounder, whose passion, in addition to painting also belongs to music. In his latest works he treats icons of our time in pop-art style. Expressive with a touch of eccentricity, Montoya interpreted in his free-living compositions icons of our time, with which he identifies deeply in his heart. The pictures radiate a sensual beauty and are characterized by his universal talent.

David Partida Montoya was born in 1975 in the Basque Country. He studied art history at the Basque State University and attended the School of Arts and Crafts. There he learns the techniques of engraving, photography, drawing, painting and sculpture. In the early 1990s he began to exhibit his first works. Today he combines music and painting, his two great passions.



  • 2018 –  soloshow gallery ursula stross
  • 2017 – SCOPE Miami Art Show2014- mercedes galllery, Barcelona
  • 2012 – Eurostars Hotel. Berlin Luxusklasse. GERMANY
  • 2011 –Fliegengalerie. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2010 – Iradier Galerie 9. Vitoria. SPAIN
  • 2009 – Sagen Sie Farbe und Kunst Konsthallen. Göteborg. SWEDEN
  • 2008 –Caja Vital Kutxa Stiftungsraum. Vitoria. SPAIN
  • 2008 – Galleri Skandinavien. Göteborg. SWEDEN
  • 2008 – Galerie (st)ART. Antwerpen. BELGIUM
  • 2007 – Kunst und Håndverk Messen. Lillestrøm. NORWAY
  • 2007 – a r t n o r d i c kunstformidling. Halden. NORWAY
  • 2007 – Erschwingliche Kunstmesse Westergasfabriek. Amsterdam. HOLLAND
  • 2007 – Fredrikstens Fästning. Halden. NORWAY
  • 2007 – Galleri Skandinavien. Göteborg. SWEDEN
  • 2007 – Termes Montbrió Hotel. Montbrió del Camp. Tarragona. SPAIN
  • 2007 – Galleri Miva. Malmö. SWEDEN
  • 2007 – Kulturzentrum Tomás y Valiente. Stadtverwaltung Fuenlabrada.Madrid. SPAIN
  • 2006 – Ikonoplastisch. Galerie PC 177. Barcelona. SPAIN
  • 2006 – Galleri Skandinavien. Göteborg. SWEDEN
  • 2006 – Kosmonauten. Galerie PC 177. Barcelona. SPAIN
  • 2006 – Eurostars Barverá Park Hotel. Barverá del Vallés. Barcelona. SPAIN
  • 2005 –Kulturzentrum Tomás y Valiente. Stadtverwaltung Fuenlabrada.Madrid. SPAIN

David Partida Montoya CV