ibiza art project – save the sea

Open Air Gallery Jésus

September 2020
Cami de Can Llátzer 07849
Balearic Island, Spain

The contemporary art gallery ursula stross presents the art project save the sea  with a sculpture park in the area of Camí de Can Llàtzer on the Balearic Island. For this project we are collaborating with several partners in industrie and technology, starting with the department of geography regional science.  The area with more than 20.000 square meters represents the perfectly appropriate spot for hosting an open air gallery with mainly huge sculptures of well known artists for exhibition on sales. Various international artists, art collectives and young, talented artists from Spain and Austria, are invited to present their modern, kinetic, media and interactive sculptures with the idea of raising the awareness of people to save the sea. The participation includes the following services
– exhibition space dedicated to the artist’s works
– assisting with customs formalities, international shipping and local transport
– assisting in finding accommodation for artist
– the global and local press office, publicity, press, banners, totem, etc.
– the realization of the exhibition website and dedicated press releases
– mounting and dismounting of the exhibition
– exhibitions opening event with drinks and food
– a one day dedicated presentation, talk or workshop focusing on the artist’s career
– a dedicated interview published on the galleryursulastross Website and spread on our social networks
– providing services and drinks for small meetings at the exhibition places for invited guests.

The main aim of the sculpture park is to point out the problem of plastic usage all over the Mediterranean Sea, especially the Balearic Island. The invited artists are asked to reflect on this problem and mirror it in their sculptures. In fact, Spain as well as another 193 countries signed the United Nations declaration against plastic. The goal of the project is to support the decision of the local government to reduce  the usage of plastic wares. The World Economic Forum has shown that 32% of 78 millions tons of plastic packaging end up in the oceans every year. In particular, this amount corresponds to one truck of plastic thrown into the sea every minute.

An open-air project „save the sea“ http://www.save-the-sea.com/ with a series of live events is planned to support the sculpture park. Numerous DJs, musicians and performers will be invited to create a spirited atmosphere in the park. A unique interactive performance with the goal of breaking the border between musicians and visitors is planned for the opening event. This performance should combine the potential of live music and audience interaction with the sculptures in the park. Every half year new exhibition where the sculptures will be changed will follow in may and august.The movement to „ save the sea“ should raise more and more, influencing the inhabitants of Ibiza and  the Balearic islands, the mediterran sea and  all over the world. Zero plastic all over the sea is the aim of this art project.

The open air gallery ursula stross in Ibiza will become a platform for international cooperation in the field of modern art, creating a synergy between art and technology for benefit of saving the sea. The artists receive international support and they are not obliged to donate. They can offer their artworks for sale.  The open air gallery ursula stross donate part of their profit to Greenpeace and Plastic bank.

The artists are invited to send us their applications to join the project with huge sculptures: art@galerie-stross.at I follow us on www.save-the-sea 

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Let’s brainstorm together, share ideas and be part of this charity art project and donate for save the sea. If you would like to work with us, call us, +43 664 3000 468.