Emmerich Weissenberger

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emmerich weissenberger

the king’s room, 2019

mixed media on oiled paper, gold and silver leaf, wooden screen


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Emmerich Weissenberger is an Austrian artist based in Vienna. As a sculptor, painter, illustrator, and performance artist, Emmerich Weissenberger always centers his work on the human being: his artistic works focus on the human form and his performances on human behavior. His main objective is to uplift the human, to demonstrate his mental abilities and his potential for salvation.

Art can change the world. One of its core values ​​is to bring out the best in people. This includes the development of a sustainable lifestyle for humanity, creating a dignified life for all. Since 2004, Emmerich Weissenberger is the director of the ROSASTURM art laboratory for sustainable development and during this time, he has set in motion a variety of highly respected actions.