As a sculptor, painter, illustrator, and performance artist, Emmerich Weissenberger always centers his work on the human being: his artistic works focus on the human form and his performances on human behaviour. His main objective is to uplift the human, to demonstrate his mental abilities and his potential for salvation.

Art can change the world. One of its core values is to bring out the best in people. This includes the development of a sustainable lifesyle for humanity, creating a dignified life for all. Since 2004, Emmerich Weissenberger is the director of the ROSASTURM art laboratory for sustainable development and during this time, he has set in motion a variety of highly respected actions.

 “I believe that Art always leads the way. If a social or economic paradigm shift becomes apparent, artists, above everyone else, are the first to react. Art is like a seismograph and can also act as a trendsetter.

For all intents and purposes, Art is the spearhead of any new development. Sustainability concerns us all. For me, it is about artistic intervention, which makes this topic tangible and understandable.“ 

“The essence of the House of Philanthropy” – an Artwork in  5 parts / 2017 / mixed media on oiled paper, gold- and silverleaf, steel frame, LED-lighting / 230 x 1200

Emmerich Weissenberger worked with the people of the foundations and institutions of the House of Philanthropy in Vienna – with Zero Project, an initiative of the Essl Foundation, with the People Share Foundation, Ashoka and Blühendes Österreich – in several workshops, in order to essentially perceive each one of them, to get to know their common being, and to be able to display the experienced in a peace of Art. The entire 12 meter frieze is worked out on the original workshop sheets, using red chalk, graphite, oil chalk, gold- and silverleaf and linen oil.born 1966 in Graz, Austria,work and base in Vienna, AustriaAkademie der Bildenden Künste, (Prof. Franz Graf, Prof. Gunter Damisch, Diplom), Wien, AustriaMeisterklasse für Bildhauerei, Kunstschule Metallgestaltung Ortweinplatz, Graz, AustriaAktionist, Filme, Installationen, Skulptur, Malerei und Zeichnung,Rosasturm Kunstlabor für nachhaltige EntwicklungExhibitions (selection)2018SCOPE Basel Show 2018, gallery ursula stross I Graz, Austria
2017 ART EMBASSY – Signal #09//17 – las mercedes de las aquas – Colombia
Das Haus der Philanthropie Wesen, 12 Meter Fries, Börse Wien | Vienna, Austria
Brüssel Project Werte, Haltungen, Verhältnisse, Brüssel
Schloss Landersdorf Show | LowerAustria
SCOPE MiamiBeach Show 2017, gallery ursula stross | Graz, Austria
2016 2nd Exhibition at HF Contemporary, London
next stop jupiter, solo show, gallery ursula stross | Graz, Austria
Werkschau – Hommage a.d. Kult-Casino Zögernitz | Vienna, Austria
2015 Exhibition “ART EMBASSY-SIGNALE” at 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica / CA
2014 Spazio Linea Gallery, Florence
Weissenberger / Art Embassy at Freiwilligen Messe, MAK | Vienna, Austria
ART EMBASSY – SIGNALE – signals for the promised land, Colombia to LA / California
2013 Florence Biennale
Galerie Lang Meisterzeichnung | Vienna, Austria
HF contemporary | London
GreenExpo13 | Vienna, Austria
gallery ursula stross | Graz, Austria
2012 Visionen 1, gallery ursula stross | Graz, Austria
Filmpräsentation #6//12 „DIE SPRENGUNG DER GAIA“ /ÖW / Berlin, Germany
Aktion #6//12 „DIE SPRENGUNG DER GAIA“ | Bad Blumau, Styria
Aktion #5//12 „WIR VERBLUTEN !“ – Karlich Show / ORF
Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels / Wien / „ Antikorruption
Aktion #4//12 „ ANTIKORRUPTION – TELEKOM “ | Vienna, Austria
2011 Galerie Lang, / Meisterzeichnungen | Vienna, Austria
Wuk Projektraum / „geborgte Räume“ | Vienna, Austria
Galerie Eugen Lendl / gallery in residence, Styria
Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels / „Kopfgeld“ | Vienna, Austria
Aktion #03//11 „ GESICHTZEIGUNG AM HELDENPLATZ “ | Vienna, Austria
Projekt: BadBlumauerwerkstätten-Rosasturm Kunstlabor für N.E./ Styria
2010 Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels / „Cube der Würde“ | Vienna, Austria
Aktion #02//10: „CUBE DER WÜRDE “ PARLAMENT | Vienna, Austria
Galerie Eugen Lendl / „Gefährten“ Malerei, Installation und Aktion | Graz, Austria
Aktion #01//10: „KREUZIGUNG AM STEPHANSDOM “ | Vienna, Austria
Galerie Lang / Zeichnungen | Vienna, Austria
Galerie Wolfrum / Zeichnungen | Vienna, Austria
2009 Neulandcamp im Semperdepot | Vienna, Austria
Galerie Eugen Lendl / Malerei und Zeichnung | Graz, Austria
4. Aktion “ TABU TOD, TOTENTÜCHER 4 “ / Anatomie Wien
Viennafair 09 / Galerie.Lang
Galerie Lang / Zeichnungen | Vienna, Austria
Museo„Juan Astorga Anta“ Merida, Venezuela / Installation u. Kunstaktion
2008 Galerie Lang / Zeichnungen | Vienna, Austria
3.Aktion und Ausstellung: “ TABU TOD, TOTENTÜCHER 3 “ / Anatomie Wien
Galerie Eugen Lendl / Malerei und Zeichnung | Graz, Austria
Sothebys / Malerei und Katalog | Vienna, Austria
2007 Brick 5, „DAS ERWACHEN DES SCHLÄFERS“ | Vienna, Austria
2.Aktion “ TABU TOD, TOTENTÜCHER 2 “ / Anatomie Wien
Karlsplatz „DAS ERWACHEN DER SCHLÄFER“ 40 Meter Bildinstallation | Vienna, Austria
2006 Sothebys / Zeichnungen | Vienna, Austria
Europa Museum Luxemburg / Malerei
1.Aktion „TABU TOD, TOTENTÜCHER “ / Anatomie Wien
2005 Galerie Bourglinster | Luxemburg