Who: Visual artist, photographer and performance narrator, documenting and exploring projects which do not admit conventions or genre limitations, concentrating on female ambivalence, gender research and various aspects of performance.

Fields: Photo-installations, Album Covers, Street Stencils, Set Installation, and Various Performance Documentation. The in-depth analysis of a subculture, to which I am specifically dedicated to, is frequently the basis of my projects, combining the ‘utopian’ & ultra idealistic images in reference to grotesque-burlesque, popart, and traditional portraiture.

Born: Moscow in 1986, grew up in New York City, moved to Berlin in 2008 to document the “neo-burlesque” movement, liberal lifestyle and idealistic society views.

Imaging: The reminiscence to imagery; images expressing emotion, where the idea or the coloring even, remind of the New York’s early flamboyant artistic scene on the peak of a liberal movement, where the artist has an interest in sub-cultural groups.

Focus: The focus of my projects is widely associated with subjective, individual experience of performance and revetment with a focus of her artistic interests. Developing the ‘kitsch’ and ‘pop-art iconography’ imagery, I work with various characters to develop images for my book project, to be announced in 2018. Referencing the body, design and posture gain a newly defined presence that, in combination with aggressive sexuality are on the boarder of an overacted advertisement, a kind of pop art iconography by combining dramatic female characters with over-sized products. The heroines are presented as powerful protagonists, exploring personal issues in a ‘fantasy’. I work on illustrations and personal performance projects, which I will further engage in using various media, such as sketching, stenciling, video art, and costume design.