I problematize and focus on questions according to identity, upbringing, group belonging, queer problems and power structures. I’m interested of the cautions and different aspects of such structures.
In my work I’m telling about reality, how things are without a need of twisting them or exaggerating. With that kind of storytelling I hope the pieces wins in strength and the conclusions are left to the viewer.
In a great deal I’m using self biographic material such as memories and experiences. In that way all my works are different kinds of more or less sub tile forms of self-portraits.
It is very important for me not to be to clear. I want my works to tell their story in a more sub tile way, be possible to watch, interpreting and discussed from different levels and viewpoints. Although I’m working with self biographic material I hope that my work can be seen with a more general perspective aswell. I’m searching for general expressions for personal catastrophes.