I am trying to capture the current state of our generation. Everyone looking down at mobiles phones rather than looking at the people around them. Distracted by colorful displays and virtual likes. Full of hate and intolerance against almost anything we don’t know. To wake up a whole generation, my generation, I want us to take a closer look. To show more emphathy.

Daniel Hannih, born as Daniel Johannes Albert Mitteregger, lives and works in Graz, Austria. While always drawing a lot, especially in his childhood, he never tried painting. It was only after a project in 2014 where he had to design and paint a big mural for a new office space, where he discovered and immediately fell in love with arcylics. Since then Daniel created more than 50 large scale paintings.


Born 1991

2002 – 2006 
BG BRG Klusemann Graz

2006 – 2008 
HTBLVA Ortwein (Dropout)

2008 – 2010 
LBS 7 Graz (Dropout)

Professional Experience

2008 – 2009 
Ad Agency Weber, Junior Graphic Designer

2010 – 2011 
Community Service

2013 – 2016 
Parkside, Senior Designer and Illustrator

2016 – now 
appers, Creative Director