Hrvoje Marko Peruzović, was born on 28 April 1971 in Zagreb, Croatia. He completed the graphic department of the School of Applied Art and Design in Split. Graduated painting in 1995 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (under Prof. Ðuro Seder). He traveled and studied in Paris, Milan, Venice and Vienna. He is a member of HZSU (Croatian freelance artists association) and HULU Split. Besides painting, she deals with classical graphics, illustration, sculpture and photography. He has exhibited at more than thirty solo exhibitions as well as numerous group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. He writes poetry, aphorisms and short essays in the field of art. He lives and works in Zagreb.


My opus is not homogenous, I am interested in so many different things and that is why I often change the themes and the ways of painting. I range from figurative art to abstraction. I am still happy to explore and experiment. I usually work on several different cycles at the same time, depending on my mood. I am primarily involved in drawing. The drawing is what is common to most of my works. Then comes the color. I spent many years living on the Adriatic coast and absorbed the Mediterranean light. The challenge is to connect that incompatible. Therefore, I connected the expressive drawing and intensive color in unique artistic expression and I achieved some new interesting solutions. I could describe my work as a kind of symbolistic colorism or neo-secession with the elements of contemporary pop culture. My paintings have exact tectonics and compositions. The most common motifs are the human figure, the plant and animal world, but I paint them in my specific way, I stylize them. In that sense, I can say that I am a kind of contemporary mannerist. In my paintings, one can feel unique atmosphere, sophisticated colorism, a certain dose of mysticism and some mild melancholy.


  • Gallery “Idealni grad”, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Gallery “Spektar”, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Gallery of the parish house Kleine Warasdorf, Austria
  • Gallery “Ars Sacra”, Maribor, Slovenia
  • Zavod Sv. Stanislava, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Conservation Institute Gallery, Split, Croatia
  • Gallery Kula, Split, Croatia
  • Halle E + G, Museums Quartier, AIC 2003. Vienna, Austria
  • City Museum of Trogir, Croatia
  • Gallery Mala, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Austrian Center Vienna, ESA Congress, Vienna, Austria
  • Museum of the City of Split, Croatia
  • Gallery “Gojak”, Makarska, Croatia
  • Gallery “Aluminij”, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Preparation of the retrospective exhibition at the Mimara Museum in Zagreb in the spring 2019th.